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Warsaw Gay Pride 2005
Warsaw Equality Parade banned also this year!The mayor of the city of Warsaw Lech Kaczynski announced he would again prevent the Parade. The organizers (the Equality Foundation) are surprised and helpless. The Equality Parade is supposed to take place on 11 June 2005 in Warsaw, and should be the main event of the Equality Days Festival held on 10-12 June. The Festival is organised by the Equality Foundation, created by three biggest Polish LGBT organisations.

Homosexual Activists Lobby EU to Force Poland to Allow Gay Pride Parade WARSAW, June 9, 2005 - Following on news of a second consecutive ban imposed by the Warsaw mayor against holding a "gay pride" parade, homosexual activists have asked the European parliament to intercede.
Mayor Lech Kaczynski imposed the ban this year for the second time. In response, the Warsaw Pride organizers sent out a press release stating that they have decided to oppose the ban by illegally holding the parade anyway, June 11.
`Last year's ban of the Equality Parade . . . was an action aimed against the most fundamental human rights, guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and most importantly by the Polish Constitution,` the press release claimed. Organizers then claimed that to ban such an aberration was somehow contrary to the tenets of Roman Catholicism: `Human rights violations cannot stand in a country that is part of the European Community and values the social teaching of the Roman-Catholic Church.`
The Pride press release went on to compare the so-called discrimination against homosexuals as akin to the Holocaust: "History has taught us that the Holocaust, pogroms, and hate crimes happen in places where some begin to consider themselves as better, more moral, or more Arian than others."
Supporters of the mayor are encouraging the writing of support letters to Mayor Kaczynski:, with a copy to the President of Poland,, the Prime Minister of Poland,, the President of the Parliament (see below for mailing address), and the President of the Senate,
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