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Places that no longer exist
Do you have a printed guide and you are not sure if the listings are still up2date? Here is the list that helps to know where not to go. Our guide webpage is permanently updated.

Red Club, ulica Marszalkowska
Kozla Club, ulica Kozla
Rudawka, ulica Elblaska
Cafe Rose, ulica Swietokrzyska
Amigo, ulica Rozbrat
Pod Zubrem Restaurant, ulica Rozbrat 44 (not closed but gays do not go there anymore)
Pod Dwojka, ulica Marszalkowska
Iwan, ulica Foksal
Cafe Ewa, Plac Trzech Krzyzy
U Nowocina, ulica Krasinskie go
Masoneria, ulica Foksal
Na Trakcie, ulica Krakowskie Przedmiescie
Cafe Antyczna, Plac Trzech Krzyzy
Cafe Fiolka ulica Pulawska
Mykonos I & Delos, Al. Jana Pawla II
Mykonos II Walbrzyska Street (closed in September 2001) Ambasador, Al. Ujazdowskie (not closed but gays do not go there anymore)
Alhambra Al. Jerozolimskie (not closed but gays do not go there anymore)
Queen Pub, ulica G. Morcinka
Queen Club ulica Zytnia 63
Sauna Grand Hotel ulica Krucza
Cruising: Public toilet at Plac Trzech Krzyzy not exists anymore.
Gejzer Magazin
Heaven Dance Club ulica Zelazna 69a (closed Oct 2002)
Lajkonik Plac Trzech Krzyzy 16 (closed early 2003)
Miami ulica Szpitalna 6 (closed early 2003)
Klub 69 ulica Piekna 28 (closed early 2003)
Wild ulica Wilcza 28 (closed early 2003)
Kabaret Violette & Jacqueline al. Ujazdowskie 6a (closed May 2003)
Play, Nowy Ewiat 23/25 (closed in July 2003)
Club Volcano, ul Zgoda 3 (closed in November 2003)
Pride Pride Society (email isnt working and webpage not updated since years)
Inferno, al. Ujazdowskie 6 (closed October 2003)
Santos, ulica Nowy Swiat 3 (closed mid 2004)
Tolersex, skr. poczt. 129 (closed in 2004)
Selekcja (not gay anymore. We called and asked if they are at least gay friendly and the manager said no)
Stop Klatka, ulica Wspólna 27 (not gay anymore)
Amatorska(not gay anymore)
Kokon (changed the name to Tomba Tomba)
Nowy Men CD (last edition in 2005)
Magazin Euro Men Journal (last edition in 2005, but still exists as DVD)
Update 2007: No cruising anymore at Centralna railway station (WC)
Przychodnia (changed the name to Wild Club)
Turboo ul. Marszalkowska 3/5 (turned in 2007 into a straight dance club)
Eternal Club ul. Marszalkowska 3/5 (turned in 2007 into a straight dance club)
Palace, ul. Marsza?kowska 3/5 (closed in September 2007)
Szklarnia, ulica Wawelska 5 (closed in December 2007)
Kino Luna, ul. Marszalkowska 28 (closed in ?)
Paradise, ul. Wawelska 5 (closed in ?)
Idol, ul. Wawelska 5 (closed in ?)
Barbie Bar, ul. Zurawia 6/12 (Closed in February 2008)
Favola Sauna, ul. Walicow 13 (closed in 2008)
Wild Club, ul. Próżna 8 (closed in 2009 but reopened 2010 at new place)
Christian Gay Group, Ul. Hoza 50, m. 40, 00-682 Warsaw (closed in ?)
Luztro Al. Jerozolimskie 6, 00-374 Warsaw (not gay friendly anymore)
Tomba Tomba ulica Brzozowa 37 (closed in August 2009)
Utopia ulica Jasna 1, 00-013 Warsaw (closed in August 2010)
ILGCN-Poland - International Lesbian & Gay Culture Network, ulica Powsinska 40/2, 02-903 Warszawa (closed in 2010)
Friends Guest House Warsaw, ulica Henryka Sienkiewicza, Warsaw (closed in March 2011)
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