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Telecom & Internet
You'll find yellow pages for Poland at Entries with email/web addresses are listed first, other phone-only listings follow. There is also a 'White Pages', but it is only a web-based self-listing one, not a normal phone book.

Most of the public phones operate with phone cards that are available at newsstand kiosks. Cards have 25 or 50 or units for 7.50 or 15 or 30 PLN. 1 unit allows a 3 min local call inside Warsaw. A three minute call to New York will use up app. 100 units. Once you have bought your card you need to activate it by snapping off the perforated corner. Phoning is cheaper in Poland by landline phones than by cell phone.

Important phone numbers
Police: 997
Fire and Emergency: 998
Ambulance: 999
Phone Directory Poland:
Phone Directory International:
Overseas Operator: 901
Domestic Operator: 900
Directory Assistance: 118913
Tourist information 9431
Information about Warsaw's life and culture 9461
Train information 9436

Long Distance Calls
Inside Poland dial 0 and wait. When you hear a tone dial the area code and the number. For international calls dial 0 and wait. When you hear a second tone dial the country code, and then the rest of the number. If you call Poland from the US, dial 011 first, then 48 for Poland, re gional code (e g 22 for Warsaw), and then the phone number.

Area Codes. After +48 dial: Biala Podlaska (57) Bialystok (85) Bielsko Biala (33) Bydgoszcz (52) Chelm (82) Ciechanow (23) Czestochowa (34) Elblag (55) Gorzow Wielkopolski (95) Jelenia Gora (75) Kalisz (62) Katowice (32) Kielce (41) Konin (63) Koszalin (94) Cracow (12) Krosno (13) Le gnica (76) Leszno (65) Lublin (81) Lomza (68) Lodz (42) Nowy Sacz (18) Olsztyn (89) Opole (77) Ostroleka (29) Pila (67) Piotrkow Trybunalski (44) Plock (24) Przemysl (10) Radom (48) Rzeszow (17) Siedlce (25) Sieradz (43) Skierniewice (46) Slupsk (59) Suwalki (87) Szczecin (97) Tarnobrze g (15) Tarnow (14) Torun (56) Walbrzych (74) Warsaw (22) Wloclawek (54) Wroclaw (71) Zamosc (84) Zielona Gora (68)

Public fax station at the central post office, see above.

International direct access providers
  • AT&T World Connect Service: 00 800 111 11 11
  • MCI WorldPhone Service: 00 800 111 21 22
  • Sprint: 00 800 111 31 15
  • Australia Direct: 00 800 611 11 61
  • Canada Direct: 00 800 111 41 18
  • France: 00 800 xxxxxxx
  • Germany Direct: 00 800 491 11 49
  • UK: 00 800 xxxxxxx
Mobile phones
In Poland, the GSM 900 Mhz mobile phone network is operating. Mobile phone numbers consists of ten digits start with either 05, 06 or 09. When calling from abroad, dial Poland's international access code (48) followed by the mobile number without the initial 0.
All providers sell mobile phones without subscriptions and with a prepaid card system. You buy the phone and you may recharge your account at any time. That's more expensive than a re gular subscription, but a re gular subscription is available only for 1 or 2 years minimum.

Providers are:
  • Centertel - ulica Panska 57/61, Phone +48 22 656 15 54; Al. Niepodle glosci 24/30, Phone +48 22 853 34 15. Mondays till Fridays 8 am till 8 pm, Saturdays 10 am till 4 pm.
  • Era GSM - Al. Jerozolimskie 181, Phone +48 22 573 60 00, Mondays till Fridays 8 am till 6 pm.
  • Plus GSM - Al. Jerozolimskie 81, Phone +48 22 607 17 67, Mondays till Fridays 8 am till 8 pm, Saturdays 10 am till 2 pm.
If you bring your own laptop with modem to Poland, and you want to be connected to the internet the Polish Telecom offers free internet access throughout Poland. Just dial 0202122 anywhere in Poland and use the password ppp. The charge is just like a local phone call: About 4 PLN per hour. If you get tired of a slow connection there are several access ISPs that charge a monthly fee additional to the phone call fees. If you stay long term a DSL line is the best, fastest and cheapest solution.

Internet cafés
Language & Dictionary
If you do not know what it means ... use a free online dictionary (interactive):
There is one from Ectaco:




roadDroga streetulica 
squarePlac boulevardAleja; Bulwar
bridgeMost  shopSklep 
department storeDom Towarowy  pharmacyApteka 
gay Gej post officePoczta 
theaterTeatr; Scena  railway stationDworzec Kolejowy 
openOtwarte  closedZamkniete 
entranceWejscie  exitWyjscie 
pullCiagnac  pushPchac 
Translations & Interpreter
If you need a text to be translated or an interpreter for meetings let us know and we will try to find someone who is available. Please let us know the languages involved and if you need a text to be translated (If so: What kind of text is it? A private text, an official text? A text that concerns legal issues?) or if you need to hire an interpreter (for which dates, at what times and for how many hours?). Please contact us.
Foreign Language Media
  • The Warsaw Voice - Weekly English paper.
  • Warsaw Business Journal
  • Polish Business News
  • Warsaw Insider - Monthly printed guide
  • Welcome to Warsaw
  • Le Courrier de Varsovie - French
Radio & TV
English language TV channels are available through cable (subscription needed). Radio Program V broadcasts English programs on Saturday (95.25 FM). At you can listen & watch to Polish radio & TV stations via Internet.
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