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Map of Warsaw
Warsaw is divided by the river Vistula (Wisla). The city consists of 17 districts. The most central district is 'Srodmiescie'. The districts are Bielany, Zoliborz, Wola, Bemowo, Ochota, Ursus, Wlochy, Sródmiescie, Mokotów, Ursynów, Wilanów, Praga Pólnoc, Praga Poludnie, Bialoleka, Targówek, Wawer and Wesola.
Public Transport
Warsaw has one metro line (connects the southern suburbs with the northern area through the city centre), a few tram lines and a lot of public busses. Trams and busses operate from 5 am until 11 pm; the metro until midnight. At night several bus routes depart at Central station every 30 minutes between 11:15 pm and 4:45 am. Routes for each line and the timetable are at every stop. Tickets are valid on all forms of public transport. Like phone cards these can be bought at the green kiosks (there is one at the airport) and at post offices at the daytime. They are closed at night. There are a few automatic ticket machines, but not many in Warsaw.
The Municipal Transport Board (ZTM) operates the bus and tram network (Info hotline +48 22 9484 (24h). See their web page at There is also a web page of Warsaw's Metro

  • One day ticket ('bilet dzienny'). Just stamp it once in the machines on the bus or tram and it's valid all day. 9.60 PLN.
  • A stretch ticket ('bilet normalny'). This is just valid for the vehicle on which you travel. If you change vehicles, you need to use another ticket. Luggage is free. The fare for night buses is 4.80 PLN, and the ticket can be bought directly from the driver. But they don't speak english. You should prepare the right amount so he will know what ticket you need. Or you ask a young passenger to help you to buy the ticket. Polish people usually are very helpful and want to try their English skills.
  • Tickets for a week, month or 6 month: You'll get them at the ZTM Transport Authority (ulica Senatorska 37 or plac Unii Lubelskiej, open from 7:30 am till 3 pm). A passport-size photo will be needed for 1-6 month passes. One week pass costs 32 PLN, One Month pass costs 102 PLN. Three month pass 263 PLN. All Tariffs: Visit this link
You validate a ticket by inserting it into a big yellow plastic machine in trams or busses, or in the metro before you go downstairs.
In the city: The first kilometre usually costs 5.00 PLN or 6.00 PLN, thereafter between 1.30 and 2.00 PLN - depending on the cab company. Rates go up to 4.00 PLN after 10 pm and at weekends. There is no baggage charge. You should take only cabs with the phone number on the top of the car and advertising on the side of the car. Make sure that the meter is running and the correct fare is displayed. In Warsaw, you should see 5.00 or 6.00 PLN at the start of your trip, a '1' if it is between 6 am and 10 pm or a '2' (fare is 50% higher) for the time between 10 pm and 6 am. Tarif 2 also applies for trips outside the city limits, on Sundays, and holidays.
  • Bayer Taxis Phone 96 67 - per kilometer 1.30 PLN
  • Bialy Taxi Phone 96 68
  • BT Taxi Phone 622 2222
  • Ele Taxi Phone 811 1111
  • Euro Taxi Phone 96 62
  • Halo Taxi Phone 96 23
  • Merc Taxi Phone 677 77 77
  • MPT Phone 919
  • Nowa Taxi Phone 96 87
  • OK Taxi Phone 96 28
  • Radio Plus Taxi Phone 96 21
  • Sawa Taxi Phone 644 44 44
  • Super Taxi Phone 96 22
  • Wawa Taxi Phone 96 44 - per kilometer 1.40 PLN
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Lost and Found (Public Transport)
Biuro Rzeczy Znalezionych ulica Florianska 10a Phone +48 22 619 56 68
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